6 July | MaC Festival

Zaterdag 6 juli zal The Green Chef live gaan koken met zeewier op het MaC Festival in Den Haag! Wil je meer weten over de basics van zeewier? En wil je weten waarom dit goedje zo gezond is en een duurzaam alternatief op je bord? Kom dan op het MaC festival kennis maken met dit slijmerige spul!!
Op het MaC Festival ontmoet je verder nog veel meer duurzame initiatieven uit Den Haag. Zij laten je zien dat door kleine veranderingen in het dagelijks leven je op een toffe manier mee kan doen aan het verduurzamen van onze stad, maar met name hoe je dat doet. Laat je inspireren door de voorbeelden die er gegeven worden en kies met welke kleine aanpassingen jij als hippe, duurzame Hagenaar door het leven kan gaan.
Houd de website van MaC Festival in de gaten voor de volledige programmering en meld je aan voor diverse workshops!
Datum: zaterdag 6 juli
Tijd: 12:00 – 20:00
Plaats: Lange Voorhout in Den Haag
Costs: FREE

Fete de la Nature

The Green Chef is happy to join his friends from The Chocolate Shop and Travelling Tea at a very special Fete de la Nature.

Try the best bean-to-bar chocolate, epic organic teas and tasty seaweed!

There will be workshops starting every hour between 11:00 and 15:00. Please do Come!

More info HERE

Adress: Limoenhof 1, The Hague

Date: 25-05-2019

Time: 11:00 – 15:00

COOKING WITH SEAWEED | seaweed workshop

2 September | 15-16 hour 

Je weet dat zeewier enorm gezond is, maar wat is zeewier nu precies? En hoe gebruik je dat slijmerige spul eigenlijk in de keuken?

Deze workshop is speciaal voor iedereen die meer wil weten over de basics van zeewier en wil ontdekken hoe je jouw gezondheid een boost kan geven met zeewier. We gaan op zoek naar de verschillende soorten zeewier in de Noordzee en kijken wat de verschillen zijn. Daarna gaan we gezamenlijk kokkerellen met het ‘OER’ ingrediënt zeewier. Uiteraard zullen we de workshop afsluiten met een heerlijke proeverij van zelfgemaakte zeewier snacks!

Inschrijven voor deze workshop via

Date: Sunday September 2
Where: The Shore Scheveningen
Price: € 10 including freshly cooked seaweed snacks!


We love to see you at the release of the new (new! new!) I Love the Seaside Surf and Travel guide to Northwest Europe.

After a year of collecting and connecting, the creators of I Love the Seasid have published another surf and travel guide. This guide will take you along the coast of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the German and Dutch Wadden islands, Holland, Belgium and Normandy.

Come and get your copy!

The Green Chef is happy to join and will cook some tasty Northern European snacks to celebrate.

Date: Friday, 15 June from 5:00 p.m.
Where: ‘Het Rode Huisje’ in Scheveningen
Price: First drinks and snacks for free, the one and only Dutch Weed Burger for € 7


27 May | Zuiderpark Den Haag

Do you wanna learn how to cook with seaweed?

Upcoming sunday there will be a beautiful event called ‘proef de Haagse natuur’. The Green Chef will be there to prepare some delicious snacks prepared with The Green Gold: SEAWEED!

Please join and let’s explore the culinary richness of The Hague together!

Date: May 27 | 12:00 – 17:00
Price: Free of charge
Benefits: Seaweed snacks!


It is impossible to count the number of cultures and sub-cultures in the city of Jerusalem. This mosaic of people make it a fascinating place to any outsider and creates an immense tapestry of cuisines.

Of course, 4000 years of intense political and religious wrangling are impossible to hide in this city. It takes a giant leap of faith – but The Green Chef is happy to take it – to imagine that food will eventually bring Jerusalemites together.

Please join for dinner and explore the culinary richness of Jerusalem. As ever the food will be delicious, the wine flowing, and there will be new friends to be made.

Date: April 25
Price: € 8.00 (kids pay nothing!)
Benefits: Dinner includes a glass of wine and arabic coffee


As a countermeasure to our overworked lives it is wise to engage in activities like yoga and meditation. During the Easy Sunday Yoga, Babs will guide you through a lovely start of your day. Afterwards The Green Chef will serve you a light Indian lunch. Please do come but keep in mind: The chronic stress from overwork is literally shrinking your brain. No amount of yoga or meditation is enough to reverse this damage!


Location: Kranenburg Headquarters
Time: 11:00 A.M.


There is a small seaside village in Okinawa, Japan, which is renowned for its logetivity. This is partly because their diet of freshly foraged foods such as seaweed. This slimy stuff is frequently touted as a future food. Something that could help us feed our rapidly growing population. As a sustainable food source that is ridiculously vitamin-dense, seaweed is the big, green, nutritional jackpot!

Location: ‘Thee aan Zee’ at Kijkduin
Costs: 10 Euro donation

INCREDIBLE EDIBLE | foraging workshop

The Green Chef sees foraging as an art, an ancient way to feed and sustain ourselves in a slow and graceful way. The simple act of foraging goes beyond simply putting food on the table. It opens you up to the mystery and wonderment of life. There is nothing more fulfilling than wandering around picking a bit here, a bit there, crushing, smelling, nibbling, only to return to your kitchen to prepare scrumptious food for loved ones.

Location: Meet at ‘de watertoren’ in Meyendael
Time: 14:30 (dinner starts around 18:00)


Ever wondered why the Japanese are one of the healthiest nation but lead incredibly industrial lives? Or how cleopatra was such a beauty in days well before cleansing rituals? Or what the Irish relied on in times of need?

Location: ‘Thee aan Zee’ at Kijkduin
Costs: 10 euro including the worlds best seaweeds!