According to legend, in 2737 BC the Chinese herbalist Shen Nang was sitting under a tree, staring into space, when a leaf from a wild tea bush floated down into his cup of boiled water. In this moment, the calming ritual of drinking tea was discovered!

Today, tea comes out of machines. Tea is served in plastic cups with the tea bag still swimming around in it. We’ve largely got it wrong at the moment! Tea should be a time for gentle chat and reflection. It should provide a stop, a moment of calm. Therefore, we should embrace tea again, the ancient drink of poets, philosophers and meditators!

Location: ‘Thee aan Zee’
Costs: 15 euro including the worlds best teas!

PREPARING FOR WINTER | fermentation workshop

Man have always sought ways to store and preserve his food. Our curious ancestors found out that vegetables stored in seawater are better preserved. Although they didn’t know anything about micro organism, their food tasted yammy and was well preserved! That’s the magic of fermentation!

Kitchen will be open from 14:30 till 17:00 hours!

A donation to cover the costs will be appreciated