The meal is an occasion shared with friends. You can put your worldly cares to one side and embrace good cheer and company. The meal is a dreamy oasis of pleasure which takes the edge off the day and brings us into the present moment. We become liberated! We become Buddhists!

The meal is a time for telling stories, laughter and a healthy energy boost. Please feel free to contact The Green Chef to cook at your event or just drop in at one of the Green Chef’s home dinners!

Let’s eat together!


The Green Chef at your event?

The Green Chef loves to cook for YOU! Vega(n) food cooked and served right at YOUR place!!

How simple it works:

  1. The Green Chef will discuss with you the menu prior to your event.
  2. The Green Chef comes to your event a few hours before with all the ingredients.
  3. The Green Chef prepares the dishes and serve your guests the way you prefer.

Please feel free to contact and discuss about menu, budget, and setting!



Green Chef’s Home Dinner

Homemade food prepared and served at The Green Chef’s home kitchen.
Healthy, cosy and a threat!

Price: € 8.00 (kids pay nothing!)

Please check the AGENDA for the next Green Chef’s event!




The Green Chef is also available for inspiring and sustainable collaborations. Let’s cook together and contact The Green Chef for:

  • Cooking workshops
  • Green menu advice
  • Sustainable cooking methods
  • Recepies for your restaurant, magazine etc.