Ever wondered why the Japanese are one of the healthiest nations but lead incredibly industrial lives? Or how Cleopatra was such a beauty in days well before cleansing rituals? Or what the Irish relied on in times of need?

Sea greens! Seaweed can inhibit the uptake of fat, detoxify the system, and are packed with vital minerals and vitamins including A,C, E and B vitamins, not to mention Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Iodine. Their uses are vast and vary from healthy salads or warming soups to desserts, bakery treats and smoothies. Let the adventure begin and order your Cornish Seaweed!

Cornish Seaweed Sea Salad

Use the Organic Sea Salad Flakes is a wonderful introduction! Add this colourful blend of dulse, lettuce and nori flakes to your salads, eggs, soups or stirfries. It is a great and healthy salt alternative!

30 gram | 5 euro | order HERE

Cornish Seaweed Dulse

Use Organic Dulse flakes as an awesome new veg! A deep red seaweed with a distinct smokey yet sweet taste. It can be made into crisps, blended in salsas, snipped into egg dishes or snacked on raw!

40 gram | 5 euro | order HERE

Cornish Sea Spaghetti

Choose Organic Sea Spaghetti which is bursting with flavour. Boil-it, fry-it, steam-it, raw-it, the options are endless!

40 gram | 5 euro | order HERE


Cornish Seaweed Kelp

Kelp or Kombu can be cooked with beans or grains to increase their digestibility. It is a great flavourer used in curries, soups, stews or stocks such as dashi!

30 gram | 5 euro | order HERE


The Seaweed Cookbook

With over 70 delicious seaweed recipes this book should satisfy anyone from a kitchen novice to a budding seaweed enthusiast. Kelp infused Martini anyone…?!

288 pages hardcover | 24 euro | order HERE