Our lives are not at the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks.  Hence every wise man tries to befriend his cook, because so much enjoyment of live lies within his power to give or to take. Wise man realize that their health depends on the temper and happiness of the cook. So, if we care for our health, we should give our cooks a royal treatment!

Now, before we start cooking, allow me to introduce myself a bit more. I haven’t been passionate about health or food my whole life. Like most of us, my cooking career started with pizza’s, burgers and booze. I was well known for my sugarly desserts, which I truly found the cornerstone for every meal! But becoming older I started to ask myself essential questions about life. How to leave this earth behind for next generations? How can I take responsibility in this matter?

I no longer gained satisfaction from cooking with ingredients of which I didn’t know the impact on man or nature. I started to cook with fresh products and stayed away from processed food more and more. I dove into the buzzing fields of food science, but got lost in the enormous amount of books, blogs and reports that have been written on the matter of healthy eating. Putting diets to the test seemed to me a sensible step. Vegan, raw, sugarfree! After starting a study in natural foods, I realized food basics are pretty simple: real food does not come out of factories and food needs to be enjoyed!

Our food system now relies on mass industry and overly processed foods. I truly hope we can recover our connection with nature again and find ways back to eating real food again! Nature has so much to offer! Food is life, and life must not step away from nature!

All are warmly welcome to taste the results of my journey!

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Jethro van Luijk | The Green Chef