Seaweed Stroll | Get your Vitamin SEA!

As a surfer, I have always felt a strong connection with the ocean. The ocean gives us waves to enjoy but also gives us food! That´s why seaweed is one of the Green Chef´s favorite ingredients to cook with. Seaweed is a very sustainable source of protein and incredible healthy. So let´s explore the healing power of the ocean!

This workshop is for all ocean lovers who want to learn more about the basics of seaweed and how to cook with them. We will search the shore for local seaweeds and learn what makes them special! Together we will taste some yummy seaweed snacks and enjoy the rich unami flavors of seaweed!

Book a private workshop or check the AGENDA for the next workshop!

SEA you soon!

Price: € 15.00 pp (kids under 16 pay half price!)
Duration: approx. 1,5 hours





Outdoor Cooking | Incredible Edible!

The Green Chef strongly believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than wandering around in nature picking a bit here, a bit there, crushing, smelling, nibbling, only to return to your kitchen to prepare scrumptious food. But the simple act of foraging goes beyond simply putting food on the table. It opens you up to the mystery of life or as Einstein puts it: “look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.”

This workshop is for all nature lovers who want to learn more about back to basic cooking. Together we will:

  • Gather our own food by exploring nature´s incredible edible plants
  • Make fire without matches
  • Cook a healthy meal above open fire
  • Enjoy good food!

Book a private workshop (minimum of 8) or check the AGENDA for the next workshop!

Let’s cook together!

Price: € 25.00 pp (kids under 16 pay half price!)
Duration: approx. 2 hours