The tempo of modern life is such that we are giving less and less time and thought to the matter of cooking and eating. However, it’s a pretty crazy life when one eats in order to work and does not work in order to eat. If we count at the tips of our finger how many things in this life truly gives enjoyment, we will find food is one of them. Therefore, a wise man will eat good food!

We need to claim our meal back! Food has to be eaten with no sense of time lost. One does not hurry! The Green Chef believes that a proper meal should be spiritually as well as physically nourishing. Cosy, healthy, and a treat!


The Green Chef strongly believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than wandering around in nature picking a bit here, a bit there, crushing, smelling and nibbling.  Outdoor cooking is for all nature lovers who want to learn more about back to basic cooking. Let’s cook together!

€ 30.00 pp | min.6 | Duration approx. 2,5 hours


This workshop is for all ocean lovers who want to learn more about the basics of seaweed and how to cook with them. We will search for local seaweeds and learn what makes them special. Together we will taste some yummy seaweed snacks and enjoy its rich unami flavors! Check the AGENDA for the next workshop or book a private workshop!

SEAWEED STROLL | € 17.50 pp | min.6 | Duration approx. 1,5 hours

SEAWEED COOKING | € 30.00 pp | min. 6 | Duration approx. 2,5 hours


Planning your event or private dinner? The Green Chef loves to cook for you! Vega(n) food cooked and served right at your place. Please feel free to contact and discuss about menu, budget and setting!


Taking the broader view of food, I believe we should not draw any distinction between food and medicine. What is good for your body is medicine and at the same time food. They are the front and the back of one body. In early Indian and Chinese philosophies this connection between food and health was never doubted. But what about twenty-first-century West? Doctors rather prescribe medicines instead of broccoli!

Chemically grown vegetables may be eaten for food, but they cannot be used as medicine. This is why The Green Chef loves to cook with organic or bio-dynamic vegetables. This means less toxics for you and for next generations!


the Green Chef’s main ingredients are veggies & wild foraged greens!


of the ingredients are organic, without toxic for man & nature!


food kilometers are kept as low as possible by using local and seasonal products as much as possible!


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The Chef

Now, before we start cooking I would like to introduce myself a bit more. I haven’t been passionate about health or food my whole life. Like most of us, my cooking career started with pizza’s, burgers and booze. I was well known for my sugarly desserts, which I truly found the cornerstone for every meal! But becoming older I started to ask myself essential questions about life. How to leave this earth behind for next generations? How can I take responsibility in this matter?

I no longer gained satisfaction from cooking with ingredients of which I didn’t know the impact on man or nature. I started to cook with fresh products and stayed away from processed food more and more. I dove into the buzzing fields of food science, but got lost in the enormous amount of books that have been written on the matter of healthy eating. Putting diets to the test seemed to me a sensible step. Vegan, raw, sugarfree! After starting a study in natural foods, I realized food basics are pretty simple: real food does not come out of factories and food needs to be enjoyed!

Our food system now relies on mass industry and overly processed foods. I truly hope we can recover our connection with nature again and find ways back to eating real food again! Nature has so much to offer! Food is life, and life must not step away from nature!

All are warmly welcome to taste the results of my journey!

I realized food basics are pretty simple: real food does not come out of factories and food needs to be enjoyed!

the green Chef

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“A true doctor first finds out the cause of the disease, and having found that out, he tries to cure it first by food”

Sun Ssemiao (sixth century A.D.)




November | seaweed stroll

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