The tempo of modern life is such that we are giving less and less time and thought to the matter of cooking and eating. However, it’s a pretty crazy life when one eats in order to work and does not work in order to eat. If a man is sensible and count at the tips of his finger how many things in this life truly give him enjoyment, invariably he will find food is one of them. Therefore, a wise man will eat good food!

Sadly, food seems to be reduced to a merely practical affair. This is proven by the rise of the sandwich as the most efficient way of satisfying hunger with the minimum of fuss. It is a common sight to see people snaffling down a burger or sandwich between stops. This is not eating, it is lonely refuelling!

We need to claim our meal back! Food has to be eaten with no sense of time lost. One does not hurry! The Green Chef believes that a proper meal should be spiritually as well as physically nourishing. Cosy, healthy, and a treat!